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Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I care for my Quilt or Pillow?

A combination of monthly airing and Autoclave Rejuvenation every 3-5 years is the best way to care for and clean any feather or down bedding. Have a look through the complete Guusdown Care Instructions.

What is the OEKOTEX 100 rating?

What is Fill Power?

'Fill Power' is the term given to describe the quality and insulating value of the down fill, generally speaking the higher the fill power - the higher the quality, size and durability of the downs... High Fill Power = Lowest Weight & Greatest Warmth

Our entire Polish Goose Down Collection is Grade 'A' quality with a minimum 800 Fill Power (the very highest end of the scale).

Is Down or Feather better?

Down is widely regarded as the highest performing of the two materials: gram for gram it traps much more warmth than feather (ie you will require much more weight in feather to achieve the same warmth level as down). Our standard (and most thermally efficient) down blend is a 90% Down & 10% Feather mix – please note as well that the 10% feather is a small neck feather with little to no spine and is therefore very soft. It is almost impossible to grade and separate from the actual downs (we strongly question the legitimacy of fills marked as 100% Goose Down).

What is the difference between Goose and Duck Down?

Geese being a larger bird in turn produce much larger and more insular downs, making the Goose down the very best of the best -  When it comes to size, quality and warmth to weight ratio - a high (800+) Fill Power Goose Down wins hands down every time.... 

How do I select which Blanket Warmth Rating should I choose?

How does TOG rating compare to Blanket Warmth?

Should I wash my pillow or quilt?

What is thread count and how is it calculated?

Does higher thread count mean better quality?

What is Downproof Japara?

Is Feather and Down Asthma and allergy safe?

What are the Guusdown Warranty terms and conditions?

What are standard Australian bed sizes?

What size are Guusdown Quilts/Doonas?

What size are Guusdown Pillows?

Do King size pillows fit in standard pillow cases?

Are Channelled or Square Boxed Quilts better?

Why should I use Feather and Down?

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